Here are a few products that Wendy finds are terrific in supporting your new healthy lifestyle.


Downloadable cookbooks include Fast and Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners, Breakfasts and Snacks that Power You Up, Power Meals for Athletes, Gluten Free, Cooking with and for Kids, and Sweet and Natural Desserts.

Wendy can also create a personalized cookbook for your specific nutritional needs. See Cookbooks for more information and pricing.

Real Food Cleanse Program Guide

After only 10 days on this real food cleanse, most people begin to experience better digestion and elimination; fewer symptoms of chronic illness; improved concentration, mood and energy; less congestion, fluid retention and joint pain; and an increased feeling of peace and relaxation. Wendy recommends a gentle detox every 3 to 4 months. For more information on the source and role of toxins in the body, and to sign up for a 10 day program, see the Real Food Cleanse Click Here.