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Fast and Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinners $20.00

Getting home late, tired and not feeling very creative? Are you making the same meals over and over? This recipe book is filled with quick and easy dinners from around the world. To make sure you have a well-rounded meal each recipe revolves around a protein and vegetable.

Power Breakfasts and Snacks

Everyone knows you are supposed to have breakfast, but what you eat in the morning will either energize you are have you crashing around 10 a.m. Here is a collection of easy-to-make breakfasts and snacks that you can enjoy at home or take on the road to work or the gym.

Sweet and Natural Desserts $20.00

All the dessert recipes in this cookbook use only natural whole grains and sweeteners, but you would not know it by the rich and delicious tastes.
Wendy can also create for you a personalized cookbook that focuses on your specific nutritional needs. Please contact her directly on the "Contact Wendy" page.

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