Just 10 Days to a BRAND NEW YOU!

The 2012 Real Food Winter Detox is a 10-day program that you can easily do from home on your own.  This detox will keep you feeling satisfied and those annoying cravings at bay. With the Real Food Detox, you might lose weight as a side benefit, but that’s not the main purpose.

You’ll enjoy healing and nourishing foods that will allow you to:

  • * drop the pounds that accumulated and set you back from your goals over the holidays
  • * ditch the routines that make you feel disempowered, deprived and defeated determine where your digestion is preventing you from looking and feeling your best
  • * develop healthy habits that will feel so good you’ll be inspired to make them last a lifetime
  • * dive into delicious and nutritious options that appeal to your cravings and your waistline


Do you realize how closely related your digestive health is to how you look, feel and function? You’re not just what you eat, but what your body can DO with what you choose to put into your body.

Restoring your digestive health is the breakthrough self-improvement secret you’ve been hunting for. And digestive disturbances don’t always surface in the obvious ways.

It can present as:

  • *food sensitivities
  • *disrupted sleep
  • *yeast infections
  • *cold and respiratory illness
  • *chronic aches & pains
  • *gum infections
  • *bad breath
  • *chronic fatigue
  • *resistant weight loss
  • *skin problems like eczema, acne, psoriasis and rashes
  • *PMS

and of course:

  • *heartburn
  • *diarrhea
  • *constipation
  • *gas & bloating

Restore your digestive health to function as nature intended and bring the rest of your body the harmony it craves.


Let’s face it…At the end of the day we all want energy!

Energy to:

  • * keep up with your family
  • * squeeze in a workout
  • * cook a good meal for yourself
  • * embrace some of your long-term goals

That’s what we all want!

When you nourish yourself with good food and the fuel of exercise and you boost those efforts by maximizing the powers of your digestive system, you’re well on the road to renewing your drive and vitality, which may have gotten a little sleepy after the winter holidays.

Learn how to build reserves of energy that will help you rise and shine each day of this New Year.

In the Winter Real Food Detox you’ll learn what, when and how to eat to optimize your fitness training for great results that include:

  • * lower body fat
  • * pronounced muscle tone
  • * anti-aging benefits
  • * more restful sleep
  • * increased energy
  • * better moods (ditch those winter blues!)
  • * mental clarity
  • * stronger immunity
  • * & less food cravings!

Can I Do A Detox?

You may be itching to take on the post-holiday challenge or you may be dubious that you can stick to a set plan.

The Real Food Winter Cleanse is an easy-to-follow program that includes all of the following:

  • * A clearly defined protocol with wiggle-room as you need it to navigate through the detox no matter what your schedule may be
  • * Instructions for every hour of the day
  • * Shopping list
  • * Seasonal foods and protocol designed for the winter months
  • * Meal plans after the cleanse to keep you on track

You CAN do this!

There’s a renewed you ready to emerge and we promise you won’t look back!

What are you waiting for?

How many times have you let an opportunity pass you by because you thought you weren’t ready?

How many times did you tell yourself you couldn’t afford the change?

How many times have you sat on the sidelines instead of seizing the opportunity for transformation?

There couldn’t be a better time than now. It’s the New Year.

It’s time for a renewed you!

Click on the buy button below to get started…

You will receive daily and hourly instructions for the foods you will be eating food every two to three hours and the supplements you will be taking to speed the process along. I also will be providing you with a complete shopping list for all the supplies you will need.

Cost $30.00 (does not include food or supplements)

7 Responses to Just 10 Days to a BRAND NEW YOU!

  1. Jennifer Broughton says:

    I’d like to purchase your detox but I am not keen on using paypal. Can I use visa somehow??

    • Fitfoodcoach says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for writing! You can use your Visa through Paypal. You don’t need a paypal account to pay with Visa.
      If you’re still uncomfortable with that, email me back and we’ll find an alternative.

    • Jennifer Broughton says:

      Got the cc to work. Is the plan delivered via email??? I did not receive it as of yet???

  2. Kimberly Mecham says:

    How much should we plan to budget for ‘supplements’ during the 10 days? Are we purchasing a product like isogenix or supplements that can be purchased from a store?

    • Fitfoodcoach says:

      Good question! You will be getting the Garden of Life Cleanse kit which is about $40 or less at Whole Foods.

  3. Joanie says:

    I am interested in doing this but I just started a cleanse with Christopher’s lower bowel cleanse…can I do both?

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