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Do you want to stop dieting, enjoy eating AND still lose weight?

Are you bored by cooking the same thing over and over or worse yet not cooking at all?

Are you frustrated by competing health claims and diet information?

Confused by food labels and their hidden ingredients?

Discover amazingly easy ways to cook, shop and eat healthfully. Get the benefits of private one-on-one counseling tailored to your lifestyle either at your home or training facility.

My coaching services include:

Meal Planning
Review your current eating habits and create a whole food meal plan or customized recipe booklet.

“State Of The Pantry” Assessments

Assess your pantry and help you determine what to keep, what to eliminate, and what to add for your pantry to support your goals.

Intentional Shopping
Explain how to decipher food labels and the criteria for selecting nutritious, quality foods.

Cooking Instruction
Teach individual and group cooking lessons in your home and show you how simple it can be to quickly cook delicious, healthy meals.

Wellness Coaching
Help you evaluate your overall well being and recommend techniques to address concerns such as reducing stress, improving your sleep and enhancing mental clarity.

Fitness Planning
Develop an individualized fitness plan and line up the best resources for you to succeed.

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