Stop Dieting, Enjoy Eating, Lose Weight

Have you been wanting to make changes, but feel overwhelmed?
Do your plans for healthier eating get sabotaged after an endless day of work and family? Do the conflicting reports in the media make you wonder what is, in fact, healthy? If you’re not happy when you look in the mirror, wish you had greater stamina or want to slow the signs of aging, then it’s time to look beyond diets to a more sustainable solution.

Is emotional eating sabatoging your efforts?

Anyone who has ever struggled with losing weight already knows that emotional eating can be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. The great news is that it is possible to stop dieting forever without having to simply “control yourself” Go to my emotional eating page to learn more.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Eating should be a joy. You can learn how to tap into the simple wisdom of great-tasting, real foods. Wendy gives you the tools and support to ensure success. With some easy shifts in the way you approach eating and exercising, you can enjoy delicious food again and be thrilled by the way you look.

Losing weight is just one of the benefits! Get ready to dramatically improve your health. And when you feel great, temptations and old patterns are more easily released. Get the life you deserve without mood swings, exhaustion, headaches, stomach problems and sleep issues.

This is not a diet. Many popular approaches to weight loss just don’t work because they are based on unnatural eating plans and improperly designed meals. Fit Food Coaching works, because it is NOT a diet or a program just about losing weight. It’s also not something you follow for a period of time before sliding back into your old habits. And it is especially not about eating unhealthy, unnatural, fake foods just to temporarily shed a few pounds!

This is about transforming your life without feeling you’re on a leash. You will discover how to eat and change your lifestyle habits so that being healthy is effortless.

You’ll eat delicious, satisfying foods and enjoy 3 meals a day (and if you’re hungry, an optional snack). You can incorporate some “cheats” to indulge your favorite food pleasures. You won’t be feeling hungry or deprived.

With fit food eating, your metabolism increases so that moderate exercise is all you need. You won’t be killing yourself at the gym for hours.

You’ll experience a way of eating that guarantees that you feel energized and focused. You won’t be experiencing cravings, energy dips, fatigue or mood swings.