Do-It-Yourself Healthy Eating Plan

You simply follow the Fit Food Coach’s Healthy Eating Plan on your own, where you will be transforming your body by eating real foods that taste great and are fast and easy to prepare or to find at your favorite restaurants. You’ll receive all the materials you need to implement a healthy eating plan on your own including:
  • * An easy-to-follow guide of foods to eat and to avoid
  • * A portion guide to take the guesswork out of how much to eat
  • * Do-it-yourself healthy meal planning guide
  • * Pantry list so you’ll always have what you need to make quick and tasty meals and snacks
  • * Grocery lists to make shopping trips efficient and easy
  • * Easy-to-prepare recipes to satisfy every palate
You also have the option of the Coach reviewing your food accountability diary and providing weekly consults.
Healthy Eating Plan - $197
Healthy Eating Plan + Journal Consults - $250
Follow the Food Fit Coach's eating plan to transform your body with real food that tastes great and easy to prepare.

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