Fit Food Coach Success Stories

"People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime.....we have all heard that one, right? I am hoping that Wendy will stay in mine for a lifetime, but the reason was to help me find a way to take my health to another level and enjoy myself doing it !!!

Wendy helped connect the dots for me understanding why I was struggling with maintaining my blood sugar control, which effects so much of our health. I met her at a health club and knew after a few minutes of talking with her that she had the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to make a real difference for me. Helping me find healthy foods that I would enjoy making, shopping for and eating that would complement my workout program to reduce my dependence on drugs to control my sugar levels.

The results have been dramatic, and my doctor is on board with the new program, and working with me to move me away from the medication approach. She is a total delight to work with and helps bring accountability to your life, in areas where we all need to make priorities. I also feel as though I have gained a new friend.

I would give Wendy the highest recommendation I could give to anyone to help you achieve your goals and take your physical and mental health to a new level. I am excited about 2010, and continuing to work with her."

Glenn C.
First, I must share how much I have learned since having my first consult with you in August - I had been stuck at a plateau on my weight loss, and was looking for help in the nutrition area. The information that you shared about eating whole foods, the shopping experience learning how to read labels and pick out ripe fruits and vegetables has been fantastic and life changing. For the first time in 6 months, I was able to get past my plateau and lost another 20 pounds for a total of 70 pounds. At first I was resistent to all the cooking, as I had never really done much cooking beyond boiling pasta and adding sauce from a jar, but the recipes were simple, and actually started to enjoy the cooking process.

Then, I went on the food cleanse after coming back from a vacation in Hawaii, and glad that I tried this. I had a little low energy if I worked out the first few days. But I was not hungry at all following the plan, and enjoyed the chicken soup - tasty! I lost 7 pounds in 10 days, and only gained 2 back after stopping the cleanse. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to get a fresh start with eating healthy, or feel like they are cleansing out their systems to try this. I will be signing up again for the cleanse in the beginning of the year.

Wendy was always quick to provide feedback and shared so much valuable information that I really feel like I have turned a corner on my nutrition! She not only helped with nutrition, but provided a well rounded lifestyle consultation with exercise and relaxation ideas too.

thanks so much for all the support, and patience to teach me!

Janine W.
"Yum and results. How often do you see those words in the same sentence? But that's exactly what I got when I hired Wendy to guide me in eating healthier while simultaneously losing weight. Full fat yogurt...who knew? I am never on a diet but I now know how to successfully navigate Whole Foods, PCC and other get great tasting, satisfying foods that help me with my nutritional and weight goals. Real Men eat well...and Wendy will help you be such a man (or woman)."

"Wendy is simply amazing. I had always thought that if you wanted to eat healthy, it was going to be all about using my willpower to get my taste buds used to stuff that just plain sucks. What freedom! Who would have thought you can love your food AND have it work for your body and not against you. Thanks Wendy for showing me how to do that!"

Brian W.
"Wendy is an expert in nutrition, food preparation, cooking, and fitness. She has a very positive and engaging personality. I was very comfortable openly discussing my eating habits and fitness routine with Wendy. She is an excellent listener and completely non-judgmental.

When I first met with Wendy, I was 20 pounds heavier than normal, I lacked energy, and for the first time in my life I had increased levels of cholesterol. Wendy taught me that I can make slight modifications to my diet and, without starving myself, eat normal natural foods that I really enjoy.

Within 4 months of starting to work with Wendy I lost 25 pounds. I had regained all the energy I had lost and have never felt better. I am 48 years old, 30 pounds lighter, and below my high school football weight.
Wendy also very much practices what teaches and leads by example.

Of course one of the keys to my success is that I actually did what Wendy told me to do. Wendy is awesome."

Grey L.
"I have never meet anyone like Wendy, her hunger to help those in her field and those who need to get healthy.Weather the professional athlete or someone wanting to lose a few pounds Wendy has done it all. From teaching "how" and "what" to shop for foods that benefit the body and overall wellness.

I have to say as a man of 53 years old that just won a gold medal at the World Grappling Games in Long Beach Calif, I had never thought I would compete again.. I won first in my age group (over 40) and weight class 200-210 lbs. I could have never done it without Wendy's expertise..My diet had to be "right on"..I'm looking forward to more gold medals!!

Thanks a million Wendy!!"

Russell N.
Wendy helped me turn around my health and that included the entire way I thought about eating. The idea of eating foods as they are meant to be without processing them seemed impossible to me as a busy working mother.

Wendy’s advice was practical and tailored to my needs. She listens well. Many of my ideas about losing weight were revamped. I lost ten pounds without trying while eating good fats, wholesome meats and other proteins, and an amazing array of vegetables and different ways to prepare them.

Goodbye dieting and deprivation. I truly feel better and I am enjoying everything I eat. The best was Wendy sat down with my family and got us on the same page. It’s about education. I am really grateful.

Judy S.
I wanted to send you a few victories that I have been enjoying.  Thanks to you!  I have not had dessert, baked goods (muffins, bread, etc) or any candy in three weeks.   This is a record for me.  I'm not trying to hold out.....I don't miss it and I haven't craved it.....  It's a very different paradigm for me.

I am not hungry in between meals and feel satiated. I was tempted to skip breakfast, easy to do on the road.....but MADE myself get a 'protein smoothie' from a local stand.  No snacking, munching, binging or eating candy at the airport.  I see how important it is to have a protein filled breakfast.
And, I'm reminding myself to recognize that I am honoring and taking good care of myself by ensuring that I have eaten a healthy meal.  I've kept my cupboards/refrigerator stocked with good, nutritious food and haven't been grazing the cupboards while working from home.   I roasted the chard (or is it kale - I get the two confused) and it was delicious.
I have been (my mind) super focused and feel a little sad that the comforts that came with the candy and sweets has to be redesigned, but recognize how much better I feel.

Lastly, I have already lost 9.5 lbs since I started eating like this....and I don't feel like I've been deprived at all.  Thank you for helping me begin the long-term process of life changing habits.


Karen K.

I wanted to take a minute to send a thank you note.  My wife and I have benefited tremendously from your coaching.  Before we began working with you, food was making us crazy and actually becoming a wedge between us.  We were trying so hard to be “healthy” by counting calories, eating unsatisfying diet foods, and obsessing over everything, that we were not enjoying anything we ate.  We were struggling blindly through a world of misinformation about nutrition and health without any expert guidance.  We had reached our limit.

After discovering your website, we were intrigued and excited.  I was especially impressed by all the heartfelt testimonials.  Now after just a single month, I’m in a position to share my own testimonial.  I never thought that one month could make such a difference!

Quite simply, you have helped us take back control of our eating and our health.  Food no longer drives us mad – food is now serving us.  I look forward to each healthy and delicious meal.  It’s such a relief to have a plan, and to KNOW that I’m doing it right and giving my body what it needs.  I can feel it.  My wild blood sugar swings are completely gone.  I have energy for workouts.  And I lost 8 pounds in the first month following your guidance.  My wife’s experience mirrors mine.

Probably the best part is that now my wife and I are on the same page with our eating.  Working together, we’re an unbeatable team, reinforcing and celebrating each other’s success in your program.  We share the same goals, follow the same guidelines, and we even cook nutritious meals together.

Thanks for working so hard for us, and for presenting all of it in a super-friendly, encouraging, and honest manner.  Your program is worth every last penny.  I will absolutely recommend your services to anyone.

-Seth Grant

Seth G.
I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy this past spring when I contacted her for nutrition counseling.  Although, I also had hoped to lose about 20 pounds, I wanted to understand how to fuel my body in a healthy way.  Using Wendy’s unique U3 program, I was able to not only learn about what foods were right for my body, but also lost 15 pounds.

Wendy takes the time to take you to the grocery store and really teach you about shopping.  She goes over everything from selecting vegetables and fruits to what kinds of oils and foods are good for our bodies.  Having always been somewhat afraid of the grocery store, it’s now one of my favorite places to go.  I have learned how to cook healthy and how to feed my family so that they too can benefit from Wendy’s great advice.  Wendy continues to send me wonderful recipes, which are easy to use and incorporate into every day meals.

Wendy is far more than a nutrition counselor though, she also teaches you about the importance of exercise by teaching you how to make the most of your workouts.  I now can spend less time in the gym, but get far more from each of my workouts.

I recently found out that I am gluten intolerant.  Having had Wendy’s nutrition counseling in my back pocket, the thought of going gluten free became less scary.  I am happy to say that I’m now 100% gluten free and have been for 1 month.  I feel like a million bucks!

I honestly could not have accomplished my goals without Wendy’s advice and help.  I never once felt restricted from eating anything, and the overall benefits have been amazing.  I have more energy and am leaner.  Wendy is incredibly motivating, and is very dedicated to her clients.  I am so thankful to have gotten to know her and am forever grateful for her advice and time.

Irene B.
I have been telling people.. “I thought I was eating so healthy and doing everything right, but I’ve already learned so much!” I’ve been explaining to people that I’m so excited that I never have to diet again! I have found the real secret and that’s eating “real” food. I can also show that I’m not doing anything harmful to my body, I’m doing this the safest and best way possible! Also, people are surprised about the home visits, grocery shopping and cooking lessons you offer.

Brianne T.