Fit Food Coach Success Stories

Wendy, I've lost probably 8 pounds now!!!! When people ask me how I did it, I launch into a big speech starting with "I have this friend named Wendy Lynne who has this incredibly compassionate approach to helping people find out what works for them."

There is no way I can thank you enough. You're going to be very successful. The reason I know this is what you did worked for me. Moreover, it's still working. I'm just at the beginning. So I understand that your approach is about being patient with working through what works.

Ronna W.
I just wanted to say thanks again for the cooking lesson Monday. What we made has worked out great for me this week and everything was so easy to do, I think I am going to try doing this on a regular basis. Also, I got some coconut water, which after looking it up, seems like pretty awesome stuff. I'm surprised more people aren't familiar with it.

Nikki N.
"Wendy is simply amazing. I had always thought that if you wanted to eat healthy, it was going to be all about using my willpower to get my taste buds used to stuff that just plain sucks. What freedom! Who would have thought you can love your food AND have it work for your body and not against you. Thanks Wendy for showing me how to do that!"

Craig S.
Thank you so much for yesterday's shopping trip to Whole Foods.I learned so much.You were very informative and explained everything so well that next time when I go on my own, I'll be able to make informed choices

Mini D.
While attending a birthday happy hour last Saturday, I was told how good I looked and how much weight I've lost. As we know, it isn't just dieting, but your suggestions on taking Yoga/Pillates, how and when I eat, uiet/spiritual time, etc. have all helped!

David O.
Now for the best part: My first opportunity to cook was yesterday afternoon. The meatloaf was enjoyable to put together, cooked up just fine, and was tasty enough that I just finished having it for breakfast! In other words: WOW! That is definitely NOT my mother's meatloaf. This one is moist, colorful, with a mild sweet flavor provided by the peppers.
With food like this prepared in the frig I can see where I will definitely enjoy a variety of breakfasts unimagined before.

Thank you so much for the shopping trip. I learned much!

Starlet C.
Wendy, thank you again for meeting with me. My eyes have been opened and we have already implemented a number of your suggestions. We are already off to a great start. I appreciate your quick lunch and dinner ideas.

I look forward to sharing our success with you as the weeks fly by. Have a wonderful week.

Karen R.
Thanks so much!  I really enjoyed your talk today. You've inspired me to take a 2nd look at the foods we're eating.  I felt we ate healthy, but I'm going to make some changes.  Especially with the soy in my foods and with the foods I'm eating while training for the 1/2 marathon.  Thanks again!

Malia P.
Thanks for all the tips. You sure have great energy! We will try to sort through all the info. The recipes have all been great! We have tried 4 so far and the variety is refreshing

Michael C.
Thank you for shopping with me! It was great to learn as well as go down isles I've never been down before! Thanks for the recipes! I had the tortilla soup last night and brought some for lunch this morning! I can't wait to try out all of my new foods!

Thank again!!!

Dave E.