How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth…

When you see that brownie, that piece of candy, does your resolve to stay on your diet abandon you at the moment of temptation? All those diets you’ve ditched for a slice of cake, all the extra calories you took in “just to have a taste of something sweet”. 
 Where has it gotten you? 

Into a larger size pants, disappointment
when you look in the mirror, low energy and self-esteem? Yes, sweets momentarily taste good, but the life-long repercussions far outweigh the short-lived pleasure. 

 To make it easier to overcome your sweet tooth, check out the 5 top pitfalls that could sabotage your best efforts. Pitfall #1: Candy 

Nothing gets refined sugar circulating through your body quicker than a piece of candy—and if you're in the daily habit of eating candy, then your body will always crave it. 

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